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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: September 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

Guest Blog Post: Tips for Doing Yoga with your Toddler + Introducing Sing Song Yoga™

Tips for Doing Yoga with your Toddler
By Deb Weiss-Gelmi

“So what’s the best way to get my toddler to do yoga?”  With my background in working with kids and yoga, this is a question I’m frequently asked.  I’m currently loving life with twin toddlers, so being asked this question gives me instant visuals of my boys jumping off the floor while finishing up the Frog pose and repeatedly asking to do the Lion pose.  Yoga can be great fun with toddlers and it’s never too early to start!

I recommend beginning by learning the simple songs for a couple yoga poses, such as Downward Dog, Lion and Butterfly. Then, once you learn a song or two, give it a shot with your toddler.  When your little one is playing and seems to be open to it, get down on the floor with your child and sing the song while doing the pose. Though the Sing Song Yoga App and DVD are great resources for the parents of toddlers to learn the poses and songs, I don't recommend toddlers spend time watching the videos.  

As a parent, use these resources to learn one or two poses at a time and enjoy sharing this new activity with your little ones. The Sing Song Yoga songs are perfect for naturally introducing yoga to your toddler because they are simple and easy.  Remember to take yoga lightly and enjoy this time with your toddler. They might not join in right away, but eventually they will join in and keep asking for more!   

Then, when your kids are 3 or 4 it’s great fun for your child to actually start using the App and DVD directly.  But it’s always best to do yoga along with your child even as they get older.  It’s great bonding time as well as powerful modeling that encourages healthy life-long habits. 

The Sing Song Yoga™ iPad and iPhone App is the very first of its kind in kids' yoga apps.  It's perfectly customizable allowing the user to choose individual poses or a preprogrammed SSY Sequence by simply dragging them to the Sequence Canvas and play as a seamless video.  Perfect for families, schools, after-school programs and health programs (such as rehabilitation, special education or health and fitness for kids).

About Deb:
Deb Weiss-Gelmi is a mom of twin toddlers, a school teacher, a yoga instructor and the founder of Sing Song Yoga™, which is a kids' musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. Their Sing Song Yoga App is the most recent addition to their product line, which currently includes a DVD and a school curriculum

For more information visit www.singsongyoga.com

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

1/2 c. vanilla yogurt (not plain)
2 oz. frozen pumpkin puree (or 2 pumpkin puree "ice cubes")
1/2 frozen banana, cut into 1-inch chunks
1-2 Tbsp. maple syrup
1/4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (I used homemade - recipe below)
1 cinnamon stick for garnish

Directions - Visit Lemon Tree Dwelling for the full recipe!


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Blog Post: 6 Things to Consider in a Diaper Bag & 3 Diaper Bags That Have it All!

Soon-to-be moms out there, I'm sure one of the biggest purchases on your "must have" list is the diaper bag.  

And the question on your (hormonal, super anxious, but OH so excited!) mind is likely— "do I spend top dollar on the designer bag, or do I go with the more economical bag that seems so darn functional?'

Trust me, as a (recently) former prego, I've spent my fair share of time wandering around the department stores considering my options and adding up the dollar signs in my head. 

Here's the scoop: Being the mom of a nine month old baby girl, I now REGRET not splurging (a little) on the the more luxurious AND yet super functional diaper bag. I use my daughter's diaper bag bag ALL the time – I literally bring it everywhere. It, along with my daughter, is a new extension of my body. And it turns out SkipHop classic messenger bag is just too darn small, doesn’t have a zipper to completely close the middle compartment, and it's rather… boring. 

Listen ladies, this isn't some trivial purchase that's going to sit in the back of your closet after a couple of times out and about. This is a bag you are going to see every day for the next year (plus!). 

So choose wisely - and treat yourself to a nice "over the shoulder diaper holder." Heck, if you pick a bag you really love, you can use it as as a tote once your little one is in "big girl" or "big boy" underpants.

Here are some 6 key things to consider in a diaper bag no matter what brand you choose:
  1. Does the bag have lots of pockets for storage? Bottles, pacifiers, extra clothes, wipes, DIAPERS?!
  2. Does the bag had have a cross-body strap option? As this bag gets heavy, and trust me, it will – the cross body strap will make your life a lot easier. And your back a lot less painful.
  3. Is the bag big enough to fit bottles, wipes, at least 6 diapers, bibs, AND an extra outfit? But not so big that it will be completely awkward to carry around with you all the time?
  4. Is the bag a color or texture or fabric that will not show stains? You are going to get LOTS of milk/formula/baby food stains on this bag - I promise you. So stay away from the cotton, and light-toned colors. Black is always classic. And gender neutral.  
  5. Does it come with a built in changing pad? Some diaper bags that are designer don't –it's an extra purchase. That's ridiculous! Don't put up with that nonsense. 
  6. Is this a bag color/pattern that your partner would be open to carrying? Pink? Patterns? My husband would not have been pleased carrying around a bag that was too "girly" - and trust me ladies, you will need your partner's help with carrying all of your goods around. 
Here are 3 bags that I've seen on moms in the city (Boston) toting, causing me lots of diaper-bag envy:

1. Kate Spade New York Baby Bag: This tote is expensive at the big name department stores, but find a Kate Spade outlet and it will be a lot cheaper. I saw these bags at 40% off last weekend at the Wrentham Outlets in MA. Lots of room, cross-body strap, pockets galore. Virtually stain-proof. 


2. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby' Diaper Bag. This bag has huge internal pockets. Crossbody strap. Very durable. Nylon material hides stains. And down-right adorable.

3. LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag: The bag has a top zipper should it start raining while you are out, your diapers won't get soggy! It's classy, general netural, and this is a bag that you could use post-diapers for other purposes. A worthwhile investment for sure.

Best of luck with your baby "must have" list! This is the most exciting time EVER, and you deserve to splurge a bit on this accessory that you will be using daily with your new little one. 

By Devon McDonald

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mello & Co. All-in-One Nawgum Teether Intro & Giveaway!

Mello & Co., a Michigan-based baby and child product development company, has launched a new website and product! They are offering up an exciting option for baby’s ages 0-24 months called the Nawgum All-in-One Teether. What makes it different from other teethers on the market is that it can be used during all three stages of baby’s oral development: gumming, front and side teeth, and back molars.

Mello & Co. founder and product developer Sue Kellogg said “about four years ago, my six-month-old daughter Tenley could not be satisfied with traditional teething toys, especially when dealing with those back molars. Tenley was either disinterested in most products or, worse, they were consistently gagging her, and that made me feel very uncomfortable. I was frustrated with the lack of an effective, all-in-one teethers available on the market so I began researching; on the internet, on shelves, and with other parents. And frankly, many of the homegrown suggestions, like medicine dispensers and silicone wine corks, failed to make me feel any more secure. So I determined then that if the market couldn’t offer an effective and safe product, I’d develop it myself.”

The Nawgum is:
- seamless
-made with food grade silicone
- nontoxic
- Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compliant
- dishwasher safe

From the creator:

"Hi!! I'm a one woman, mom, wife show that decided to take her imagination & a clump of play dough and make it real. Everyone thought I was crazy ~ they were right. It takes a bit of cra cra and a bit of naivety to push through and follow the driven passion. Mello&Co. just celebrated its first toy launch ~ Nawgum the All-in-One Teething Toy.  Nawgum is unique for several reasons. Aside from its look, Nawgum safely and effectively reaches every area of a child's mouth. A specific design and durometor was engineered to help the arms replicate the feel of an index finger - what kids love most to “Naw” on. Nawgum is easy for any kiddo to manipulate to find the right texture to appease the teething pain.  Nawgum has every aspect of most tethers wrapped into one. I have all the reports to show Nawgum is CPSC Compliant, BPA Free, lead free, dishwasher safe and non toxic. Nawgum is made of food grade silicone supplied by Dow, and is made in the USA - something I'm very proud of.  For more info please visit www.melloandco.com and like our FB page here."

Nawgum can be purchased for $19.99 each at melloandco.com but we have one to giveaway in today’s rafflecopter giveaway below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Mello & Co.
Mello & Co., a Michigan-based baby and child product development company, was founded by Sue Kellogg in 2012. After product development funding campaigns through organizations like Start Garden (a foundation created by lauded businessman and philanthropist Rick DeVos), the company launched its first children’s product, the Nawgum All-in-One Teether. In late 2013, Mello & Co. plans to establish its next line of products, including children’s books that will introduce a new character to be featured in future product launches. The company’s goal “to deliver happiness and contentment to children and their environments” is delivered through simple, safe, and engaging products made in the USA. Visit melloandco.com to learn more.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Pregnancy Myths: Busted! Guest Blog Post from founder of mama2b - a Fit BumpBundle featured product!

goals for a healthy pregnancy vary from mama to mama, but here are 3 common prego myths busted:

myth #1: exercise might harm my baby
false! in fact, studies have found that active moms have babies with healthier hearts, lower birth weights and risk of childhood obesity, and bonus, are a tad bit smarter!  aim for 30 minutes of cardio per day and yes, walking counts. add in strength training at least 2-3 times per week, whether it be in the weight room or pop in a prental pilates dvd.  

myth #2: i need to eat a lot more to support the baby’s growth
nope! your body only needs about an extra 300 calories per day to provide your baby with adequate nutrients. choose healthy options like a small apple with ¼ cup walnuts, a banana with 2 tbsp peanut butter, or 15 blue corn tortilla chips with ¼ cup guacamole.  

myth #3: i need to take it easy and relax while i’m pregnant 
well, kinda.  while you do need to keep stress levels low, get adequate sleep, and listen to your bod, being pregnant doesn’t mean you kick up your feet and watch daytime television all day long and count trips to the bathroom as exercise. research shows you will gain less weight, have a quicker delivery, and bounce back to your pre-baby bod faster if you’re a moving momma, not a sofa warmer.

consult your doc as obviously these may not apply if you’ve been put on bed rest (poor thing). the important thing is this: being active during your pregnancy and eating healthy is good for you and baby.  so congrats on your growing baby bump – and go get those goals!

About Angela Manzanares:
Creator of  fitbook™ fitness + nutrition journals, Angela Manzanares embraces the fit life and has a passion for positively influencing the lives of others. Based out of Orange County, California, her company fitlosophy, inc. is on a mission to inspire people of all ages to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world – literally.

Check out the Fit BumpBundle featuring fitbook™ - on sale now!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Social – Blogging about Bags!


Linking up for today’s Sunday Social!

1. What is your favorite handbag you’ve ever owned?

2. What is your dream handbag you lust over?

3. What are the daily essentials in your purse or work bag?
Lip gloss, chapstick, mints, gum, keys, band aids, tissues, aspirin, phone, license, debit card, credit card, mirror, hand sanitizer, lotion, coupons and gift cards, cash, a cardigan, phone charger 

4. What’s in your purse (with pictures)?
 Right now, I am using a wristlet to run quick errands in the neighborhood and have just a few items - a few money cards and keys and my phone- so wouldn't make for a fun pic!

5. What’s your favorite handbag? Or purse essential?
My favorite bag right now is my brand new Coach bag! And purse essentials are my phone, cash, and keys! I wouldn't get very far without those things! 


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