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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: Guest Blog Post: 6 Things to Consider in a Diaper Bag & 3 Diaper Bags That Have it All!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Blog Post: 6 Things to Consider in a Diaper Bag & 3 Diaper Bags That Have it All!

Soon-to-be moms out there, I'm sure one of the biggest purchases on your "must have" list is the diaper bag.  

And the question on your (hormonal, super anxious, but OH so excited!) mind is likely— "do I spend top dollar on the designer bag, or do I go with the more economical bag that seems so darn functional?'

Trust me, as a (recently) former prego, I've spent my fair share of time wandering around the department stores considering my options and adding up the dollar signs in my head. 

Here's the scoop: Being the mom of a nine month old baby girl, I now REGRET not splurging (a little) on the the more luxurious AND yet super functional diaper bag. I use my daughter's diaper bag bag ALL the time – I literally bring it everywhere. It, along with my daughter, is a new extension of my body. And it turns out SkipHop classic messenger bag is just too darn small, doesn’t have a zipper to completely close the middle compartment, and it's rather… boring. 

Listen ladies, this isn't some trivial purchase that's going to sit in the back of your closet after a couple of times out and about. This is a bag you are going to see every day for the next year (plus!). 

So choose wisely - and treat yourself to a nice "over the shoulder diaper holder." Heck, if you pick a bag you really love, you can use it as as a tote once your little one is in "big girl" or "big boy" underpants.

Here are some 6 key things to consider in a diaper bag no matter what brand you choose:
  1. Does the bag have lots of pockets for storage? Bottles, pacifiers, extra clothes, wipes, DIAPERS?!
  2. Does the bag had have a cross-body strap option? As this bag gets heavy, and trust me, it will – the cross body strap will make your life a lot easier. And your back a lot less painful.
  3. Is the bag big enough to fit bottles, wipes, at least 6 diapers, bibs, AND an extra outfit? But not so big that it will be completely awkward to carry around with you all the time?
  4. Is the bag a color or texture or fabric that will not show stains? You are going to get LOTS of milk/formula/baby food stains on this bag - I promise you. So stay away from the cotton, and light-toned colors. Black is always classic. And gender neutral.  
  5. Does it come with a built in changing pad? Some diaper bags that are designer don't –it's an extra purchase. That's ridiculous! Don't put up with that nonsense. 
  6. Is this a bag color/pattern that your partner would be open to carrying? Pink? Patterns? My husband would not have been pleased carrying around a bag that was too "girly" - and trust me ladies, you will need your partner's help with carrying all of your goods around. 
Here are 3 bags that I've seen on moms in the city (Boston) toting, causing me lots of diaper-bag envy:

1. Kate Spade New York Baby Bag: This tote is expensive at the big name department stores, but find a Kate Spade outlet and it will be a lot cheaper. I saw these bags at 40% off last weekend at the Wrentham Outlets in MA. Lots of room, cross-body strap, pockets galore. Virtually stain-proof. 


2. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby' Diaper Bag. This bag has huge internal pockets. Crossbody strap. Very durable. Nylon material hides stains. And down-right adorable.

3. LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag: The bag has a top zipper should it start raining while you are out, your diapers won't get soggy! It's classy, general netural, and this is a bag that you could use post-diapers for other purposes. A worthwhile investment for sure.

Best of luck with your baby "must have" list! This is the most exciting time EVER, and you deserve to splurge a bit on this accessory that you will be using daily with your new little one. 

By Devon McDonald

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