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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: Featured Fit BumpBundle Product: Expecting MORE - Q&A with the creator Sara Haley

Monday, September 16, 2013

Featured Fit BumpBundle Product: Expecting MORE - Q&A with the creator Sara Haley

1. What can mom-to-be expect from Expecting More? Does the DVD/program work all the body parts - abs, butt, legs, back, etc?

Expecting More® is an all inclusive pregnancy workout program.  It has six different workouts, offering various levels of exercises, from interval training, sports conditioning, cardio dance, strength training, pilates and yoga fusion.  All workouts are total body sculpting routines.

2. What makes it different from other prenatal fitness products?

Expecting More® was designed for pregnant women of ALL fitness levels, from beginner to advanced.   Though it offers modifications for everyone, Expecting More® caters to the pregnant woman who was active prior to pregnancy and is looking for an extremely well-rounded workout regiment that will help her stay inspired, challenged and fit throughout her pregnancy. Not many other prenatal workout DVDs cater to the woman who was very active prior to pregnancy.

3. How long will it take each day and how often should it be done? Can you do the work outs all the way until your due date? 

The workouts vary from 20-50 minutes.  The included calendar offers a schedule, however, you can also pick which workout to do each day, depending on how you feel.

4. How do you know if you are working too hard? 
I provide many opportunities during the workouts to check in and see how you are feeling.  Remember the general rule during pregnancy is to work out at a moderate level for you.  You want to make sure you can always talk out loud and don't' get too hot.

5. What if you didn't work out often before pregnancy - is it safe to start now? 

Check in with your OBGYN, but my guess is that your doctor will actually want you to start doing something.  Whatever you choose, start slow and listen to your body!

6. Any other advice for mom-to-be's who want to stay fit during pregnancy?
Remember every day is different.  Wake up each day and listen to your body.  On the days you feel energized, do as much as you can because there will be plenty of days where you don't feel up to working out.  On those days, do what you need to do to rest and recover.  Keep reminding yourself that by staying fit you are creating a healthier baby, and by keeping your body fit you will be able to bounce back quicker.

Armed with over twenty years of fitness and dance training, Sara specializes in functional training, prenatal exercise and dance methodology. She served as a Reebok Global Master Trainer for the past 5 years as well as a Creative Consultant for JUKARI, the branded workout series between Reebok and Cirque du Soleil. Additionally, some of the additional highlights from her resume include teaching for the prestigious Equinox health clubs, training instructors as a willPower & grace Teacher Trainer, consulting for numerous international publications, training celebrities, and choreographing and starring in over ten fitness DVDs. 

Sara is a certified trainer and instructor by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), a certified Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist by the American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), and a proud member of the American Pregnancy Association (APA). She has additional certifications to teach/train: Cross Fit, willPower & grace™,Kettlebell Concepts, JUKARI: Fit to Fly and Fit to Flex, Urban Rebounding, Schwinn Cycling, TRX, and more. In addition to her expertise, Sara brings her clients and followers her energetic personality and devotion to making exercise fun and rewarding, so that it can become less of a chore and a part of a healthy lifestyle. 

March 2011, Sara became a mom to son Landon. Her pregnancy led to the creation of her Daily Sweat™ Pregnancy Program: Expecting More™. She currently resides in Santa Monica with her husband and son where she trains, teaches, writes, and spends as much time with Landon as possible. 

Sara also created another DVD, Sweat UNLIMITED which has five different workouts so that her fans can get a workout in 5, 15, 30 or 45 minutes and then there is also a bonus stretch workout! 

All of the work outs from both DVDs are now available as downloads as well. See all her products here: http://sarahaley.com/shop

Check out the Fit BumpBundle - on sale now!

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