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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: DIY: Decorate a Onesie - Baby Shower Gift/Idea

Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY: Decorate a Onesie - Baby Shower Gift/Idea

For a work baby shower, a few weeks before the event, we were given a bag with a onesie in it and a letter. The onesies were all sizes from newborn up to 12 months and some were short sleeve and some long sleeve. On the letter inside the bag, we were instructed to decorate our white plain onesie however we would like, from fabric markers to paint, fabric, to iron-on pictures!

Then it was our job to decorate the onesie, put the onesie in the bag, bring along a baby book for the mom-to-be's library, and on the bag put a name that you think would suit the baby, for mom on the day of the party! On the baby shower day, the mom-of-honor opened up all the bags and tried to guess who made each onesie (along with the name and book)! So it was part game for during the party and part gift, since mom went home with tons of new outfits for baby, books, and name ideas!

I decided to hand decorate mine with Sharpie Fabric Markers!

The first thing I did was trace the top of a round tubberware onto the bag I bought the markers with and cut out the circle shape to use it to trace a circle on the onesie!

And then I doodled away in and around the circle! I decided to write "Just Born" since my onesie was the smaller size and since we don't know yet if it is a boy or girl, used all the colors of the rainbow for a gender neutral design!

On the back of the onesie, I did bunting and wrote Baby across the top. Then I used mom-to-be's last name and the year to make it look like a jersey! And I added a funny touch. "Caution - Sniff at your own risk", on the baby's bum to give everyone a good laugh!

I think this would make for a fun activity to do together at the shower, at a table filled with all the supplies. Or if you cannot make it to the shower, creating a onesie would make a nice addition to a gift bundle. And in this case, it worked out perfectly for a work party! It was so fun to see everyone's different ideas from iron-on pictures of animals like owls, monkeys, ducks or sesame street characters to words and messages, and as you can see from mine, drawings and pictures!

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