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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: How Miny Moe: Diaper & Nursing Pad Sampler Co. Came About

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Miny Moe: Diaper & Nursing Pad Sampler Co. Came About

Today we have a special guest blog post from Heather. She shares her story about how her new company, that helps take the confusion out of buying diapers and nursing pads by letting you sample a few brands at once, Miny Moe came about. See below!
My husband and I welcomed our little one into this world on Christmas Day 2012, after a grueling 50 hours of (natural – OUCH!!!) labor. I had been an avid researcher and reader-upper on all things pregnancy and childbirth but what became painfully obvious was that I hadn’t prepared for what to do once the baby arrives! Whoopsie!! I remember the nurse coming in after a couple of hours and asking if we’d changed his diaper yet. She was met with 2 blank stares and a bewildered “Um, no? Not sure how…” Thankfully we quickly got the hang of it, and even more thankfully dear ol’ nurse took care of that first doozy of a diaper filled with the toxic tarry meconium!!

The hospital sent us home with a nice starter pack of Pampers Swaddlers and things went smoothly for about a week. Then, we switched to the mega pack of Huggies that I’d registered for. Not sure why I’d chosen Huggies, I think I researched a bit, got overwhelmed with conflicting reviews, and just kinda eenie miny moe’d it! Suffice it to say, Huggies did NOT get the job done. They were gaping on my little one’s legs and he left a puddle of breast milky poo everywhere we laid him. It was a nightmare, a complete nightmare! I’m a new exhausted mom with exploding painful boobs trying to figure out how to handle this new bundle of joy and now I’m up to my ears in poo-soaked laundry, too!? Not cool, not cool at all!! Off went my hubby to the drug store up the block to buy the tried and true Pampers Swaddlers again. But they were so expensive! I wanted to try a cheaper brand, but was terrified they wouldn’t work and we’ve seen how that can be! No one sold small packs, and living in Brooklyn without a car doesn’t exactly make running off and buying various economy packs of diapers an easy thing!

Fast forward to when my little one was about 3 months old and finally sleeping through the night, I was lifted from the newborn haze and my mind drifted back to the issues we had with diapers. He’s been through 4 brands by this point! Wouldn’t I have loved to have had a sampler to try out some different brands quickly and cheaply? YES!! So… why not make this possible for other new moms and dads?! And thus Miny Moe was born!!

Miny Moe currently offers 6-brand diaper sample packs, including Huggies Little Snugglers, Pampers Swaddlers, Luvs, Earth’s Best, Wal-Mart Parent’s Choice, and Target Up & Up. We carry Newborn and Size 1, and you can buy the regular pack (5 diapers from each brand), the mini pack (1 diaper from each brand), or the NB/Size1 Combo (3 diapers from each brand from both sizes). We also include a handy dandy score card, so you can rank each brand in various categories. Tally up your scores when you finish the sampler and the brand with the highest score is the best for your baby! We also include photos of the diaper and the manufacturer’s pack, so you can easily spot it in the store.
Striving to be a one stop shop for nixing all leaks in the new mom’s world, we also carry nursing pad samplers! Mama’s Mega Pack has 7 brands – 4 washable pairs (Bamboobies, Itzy Ritzy, Mother-Ease, and Philips Avent) and 3 disposable pairs (Johnson’s, Lansinoh, and Nuk). You can also get a sampler of just the washable nursing pad brands, or just the disposables.

If you’re an expecting mom, you can add these products to your online Baby List registry! If you know an expecting mom, these make great gifts (we offer gift wrapping!). And if your little one is already here? Well, you’ve probably already experienced some diaper dramas, so don’t delay – order your sampler today!

What’s more? FREE SHIPPING! Hoorah! And don’t forget to like Miny Moe on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for great promotions.

*Heather is Owner of Miny Moe, Blogger at US-Japan Fam, and most importantly mom to a chubby wubby 6 month old! Follow her at @Mama_Heza and @MinyMoePacks.

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At July 10, 2013 at 4:00 AM , Blogger Williams Anderson said...

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At July 11, 2013 at 11:18 AM , Blogger Jess Holmes said...

What an excellent idea! I wish I'd heard of you when my daughter was still a newborn, and we had these exact same issues you described. We also went through many a brand trying to find the best fit, and it was quite a stressful few months before we got it right. I tend to purchase my baby diapers online now- once you know your brand, the process (and the discounts!) make it a much smoother process.


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