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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: Protecting your baby from the sun - Part 1

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Protecting your baby from the sun - Part 1

We all know how important it is to use sunscreen. Most people, myself included, like a "healthy glow" look although articles like this make me question that. There has been a lot of debate about infants wearing sunscreen and as always it is best to go with what your pediatrician says. At Hugh's 6 month appointment I was told to use it and it appears 6 months is the cutoff. Babies less than that should be kept out of the sun full stop according to the FDA. Of course parents want to do what is best for their babies but the chances of not being outside at all this summer is slim so I am starting a series of posts about my picks for sun protection.

Starting from the top...literally. Your little one needs a hat and this is the one that I purchased for my wee man.

This is the iPlay Solid Flap Sun Protection Hat. I know it doesn't look so trendy but it reminded me of the hats that my cousins in Australia would wear to school and if any country knows about sun protection they do.

What I like about this hat is:

  • first and foremost it has built in sun protection as the fabric is SPF 50.
  • the peak is solid and provides good coverage of the face.
  • the neck and ear area, where us adults often get burned, are protected by the flaps.
  • the elastic gathering ensures that it is on nice and tight which is great for mothers of children with tiny heads like my son.  
Speaking of which he just woke up, the sun is already out on Cape Cod so it is time to put the hat to work!



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