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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: Baby Hugh loves.....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Hugh loves.....

...Yo Baby yogurts! The only way I can describe how much my little man loves the Stonyfield yogurts is that when we go shopping I can't let him see them or else he freaks out and wants to eat them there and then. Yo Baby comes in three flavors; banana, blueberry and vanilla although the first two are the most commonly available.

I always taste everything I give Hugh as I figure if I don't like it why should I expect him to? As a result I have become equally as big a fan of these yogurts as Hugh and go into most meal times kind of hoping that he doesn't eat the entire thing so I can "help" him finish it. That rarely happens so I have started buying more just so I can have my own. It makes me realize how much stuff is added to many other yogurts and question why all offerings can't be as delicious and natural as YoBaby!

In case you missed it:
Baby Hugh loves.....

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