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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: A few of a 4 month old babies favorite things

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A few of a 4 month old babies favorite things

These days I am taking care of this beautiful baby, Grace, who is four months old, while her mom and dad are back to work.

There are a few things that definitely make her one happy baby (besides naps and a clean onesie and diaper of course)! From soft clothing to her favorite pacifier, it’s the simple things that keep her smiling. These items would also be a great addition to a baby registry or would make a great gift, if you are meeting your friend or families baby for the first time and want to bring something along or have a baby shower to attend. Check out 10 of her favorite things:

1. Dr. Brown’s bottles filled with her momma’s milk.

2. Cozy baby footed 1-piece pajamas to keep her nice and warm all day or night.

3. A Boppy pillow to prop her up comfortably during feedings.

4. Hat/Baby beanies for walks outside.

5. WubbaNub soothing pacifier and plush toy for keeping her happy in between feedings.

6. Rattles/teethers to keep her engaged and entertained.

7. Activity gym and playmat for fun on the floor.

8. Vibrating baby bouncer for a comfortable place to relax.

9. Bumbo floor seat for sitting up and alert like the adults around her.

10. Baby Bjorn baby carrier for walks through the neighborhood to do errands and get fresh air.

Moms- what’d I miss?

She also loves to listen to music, her toys and books, bibs and burb clothes to keep her clean, her blankie, sleep sack and crib for resting at night, bouncer, cradle swing, tummy time mat, and her stroller for fun walks around the neighborhood!

What does/did your 4 month old baby need and love?

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At May 5, 2013 at 11:43 AM , Blogger Devon McDonald said...

Great post, Michelle! And I must say - the zip-up footed onsies are key! I thought it was silly before I had her, but buttons are a pain in the butt for late night changes. Also, if you get a baby bjorn, make sure you get the one with the back support... makes a huge difference!

At May 5, 2013 at 11:45 AM , Blogger Michelle Levine said...

Thanks Dev :)


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