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Baby Bump Bundle Blog: If it is good enough for baby's bum.....

Sunday, March 24, 2013

If it is good enough for baby's bum.....

Good morning- Mairead here! Baby Bump Bundle was thrilled when Earth Mama Angel Baby became a partner for both our BumpBundles and BabyBundle. I have become an even bigger fan this past week because the Angel Baby Bottom Balm has worked wonders on my son's chin.

I know what you are thinking...bottom balm on his chin? But the balm is perfect for all sorts of boo-boos. As is common for a 5 month old, Hugh is a drool monster. This coupled with the fact that I am cleaning his chin with a spoon four times for every successful mouthful of food, his baby soft skin was beginning to get irritated. A few days of using the balm and his chin is back to being as soft and smooth as his cute little bum!



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